Characters of Virgil's Eclogues
By David Scott Wilson-Okamura

AegonOwner of Damoetas's flock (III); will praise Daphnis in song with Menalcas (V); "Lyctian" (V)
AlcimedonCupmaker (III)
AlcippeGeneric girlfriend (VII)
AlconPossible subject for Mopsus to praise in song (V)
AlexisBlond houseboy loved in vain by Corydon (II); praised by again by Corydon (VII)
AlphoesiboeusWins Dapnis with love spells (VIII)
AmaryllisBeloved of Tityrus (I); moody lover of Corydon (II) and Damoetas (III); aids Alphesiboeus with love spell (VIII)
AmyntasCorydon's rival in piping (II); receives ten golden apples from Menalcas (III); Mopsus's rival in piping (V)
AmyntasBoyfriend of Menalcas (III); dark-skinned and well disposed to Gallus (X)
BaviusHorrible poet (III)
CodrusPossible subject for Mopsus to make fun of in song (V)
CorydonBurns for Alexis (II); wins singing match with Thyrsis, as judged by Daphnis (VI)
DamonOwner of goats stolen by Damoetas (III); sings with Alphesiboeus, inspired by Pollio (VIII); loses Nysa to Mopsus (VIII)
DaphnisIdeal male beauty (II); bow broken by jealous Menalcas (III); is dead (V); won with love spells by Alphesiboeus (VIII); mentioned in connection with sidus Caesaris (IX)
GalateaFormer girlfriend of Tityrus (I); now of Damoetas (III); besought by Corydon (VII) and Moeris (IX)
IollasMaster of Alexis (II)
LycidasPraised by Thyrsis (VII); asks Moeris for news of land confiscations (IX)
LycorisLeaves Gallus to follow a soldier into Gaul (X)
MaeviusHorrible poet (III)
MeliboeusLost lands (I); mentioned as possible flock-owner (III); recounds singing match of Corydon and Thyrsis (VIII)
MenalcasDark sometimes-boyfriend of Corydon (II); singing rival of Dameotas (III); sexually compromised in a cave (III); accused of hacking Mico's trees (III); flirts with Aegon's girlfriend Neaera (III); steals Damon's goat (III); jealous of Daphnis, breaks his bow (III); sends ten golden apples to Amyntas (III); older (V); with Mopsus praises Daphnis in song (V); author of II and III (V); gives pipe to Mopsus (V); loses lands in spite of songs pleading for Mantua (IX); author of more songs, including parts of V (IX); inquires after love-lorn Gallus (X)
MicoOwner of trees supposedly hacked by Menalcas (III)
MoerisNecromancer and witch, provides Alphesiboeus with magic herbs for love spell (VIII); dispossessed by land confiscations (IX); older, voice failing (IX)
MopsusYounger poet, sings about Daphnis with Menalcas (V); rivals Amyntas in piping (V); married to Nysa (VIII)
NeaeraAegon's girlfriend, but Menalcas says she likes him better (III)
NysaMarries Mopsus instead of Damon (VIII)
PalaemonJudges song contest of Menalcas and Damoetas (III)
PhyllisGirlfriend of Menalcas and Damoetas (III); possible song topic for Mopsus (V); generic girlfriend praised by Thyrsis and Corydon (VIII); well disposed to Gallus (X)
PollioHonored by rival singers Menalcas and Damoetas (III); unnamed dedicatee of VIII
ThestylisWoman who cooks (II)
ThyrsisLoses singing contest with Corydon (VII)
TityrusRegained lands (I); goat-herder (III); author of VI (Silenus); named ironically as Orpheus' equal (VIII)