37. Fukuoka to Tsushima - 8 July 2004

  Rich clouds
  Approaching Tsushima

Tsushima is a larger island with inviting prospects. The 70 nm flight was mostly through thick clouds -- which are thicker now that I am using the FSW cloud textures. These also cut down on the opacity of ground fog, something I wish I had earlier in my mainland flights.

Approach to airport was simple: VOR track put me on a course close to that of the runway, and at 6 nm out I used the localizer to line up. The only trouble: when I got down to the runway, there was a Cessna coming the opposite direction. What happened? Tsushima is an uncontrolled airport with one runway. Winds were favorable to neither direction, so I picked the one with a localizer. Unfortunately, the two planes flying traffic patterns had picked the other one. I moved to the right side of the runway, and the Cessna took off...