11. Takamatsu to Tokushima - 25 May 2004

  Looking northeast towards Awaji
  Plain around Tokushima
  Note buildings to left of airport

After landing at Takamatsu, I took off again in search of the large bridge to the west of Takamatsu that connects Shikoku with Honshu. No luck, but a better landing than my first.

The flight to Tokushima is very short, only 30 nm if one flies in a straight line, but scenic. I flew east to the coast, then south once more to rejoin the Yoshino river. The first screenshot looks northeast towards Awaji island -- which looks like it ought to connect up with Honshu, but stops just 2 nm short.

The plain around Tokushima appears well populated and is dominated by two very large buildings in the International Style that stand next to the airport. I was cleared to land straight in, but since I was flying very casual VFR, I needed to lose altitude first. I did so with a slip, at which point I was low enough to enter the traffic pattern, which I executed rather precisely.

One notable innovation on this flight: from now on I am going to control the rudder myself instead of letting the computer coordinate it for me.