29. Komatsu to Osaka Intl - 2 July 2004

  Between cloud layers
  Kyoto below
  Lake Biwa

The flights are getting shorter now: 115 or so nm at 8,500 ft.

After clinging to the coast for several miles, I passed Lakee Biaw, with Kyoto at its tip. Unfortunately, I only knew to look down because of station passage on the VOR: I was flying between two layers of cloud, and could see little of the terrain and city below me.

From Kyoto, I turned west to Osaka International Airport, which appears (from my map) to actually be closer to Kobe than Osaka.


Am still struggling to find the right formula for descending at the right rate: as I neared the airport, I was cleared to land, but found myself still 1,000 ft too high. I went around, slowing and descending as I went. By the time I got back on final, I was a little too low, and increased throttle to slow descent. Airspeed got too high, and I resorted to the airbrake in order slow down. Landing was ok, but I'm not nailing it like I was in the opening legs of this tour.