30. Osaka Intl. to Okayama - 2 July 2004

  Downtown Osaka
  Leaving Osaka
  Passing Takasago breakwater

Before setting out for Okayama, I decided to visit downtown Osaka. Don't know what the tall square of buildings is called, but it is distinctive.

From there, I flew north and then west to intercept an intersection that would put me on the correct heading for Okayama's runway.

In the event, the problem was not lining up with the runway, but once again managing the descent. This was admittedly somewhat tricky, since the area around Okayama is quite hilly: a shallow descent simply will not work. Still, I am frustrated by my lack of progress in this area, and tired of grey skies.

But that's to be expected, I suppose, when travelling in Japan during the monsoon season. Maybe 100 nm on this leg, including my diversion to downtown Osaka, travelling again at 8,500 ft.