26. Sapporo to Odate-Noshiro - 27 June 2004

  Leaving Ishikari Bay at sunset
  Climbing out of Sapporo
  Farewell to Sapporo and the bay
  Mt. Yozei (6,211 ft), nicknamed
Yezo-Fuji 'Fuji of Hokkaido'
  Lake Toya (notice small island in the center of this caldera lake)
  Mt. Komaga (3,678 ft) on the southern shore of Uchiura Bay

An even longer flight, again on V-ways at 12,500 ft. I left Sapporo as the sun was already going down, around 6:15 pm. Some nice screenshots of the sun setting in Ishikari Bay, northwest of Sapporo, as I climb over the mountains to the south.

More cone-shaped volcanoes as I gain altitude.

By the time I reach Uchiura Bay, it is twilight, but I can still see Lake Toya beneath me. I cross over the Tsugaru channel and once again I am in Honshu.


Passing over Aomori, I begin my descent, but not before checking the obstruction levels en route to Odate-Noshiro, since by now I can see nothing but clouds and dark outlines.

I circle the airport once, making a large and sloppy pattern. Turn onto approach was too slow, altitude is poorly controlled, and the landing is one of my worst in weeks, perhaps the worst on this tour. A poor ending to an interesting flight.