14. Nanki-Shirahama to Nagoya - 27 May 2004

  Dawn on the second day
  Nagoya with low visibility

This begins my second virtual day of flying. I set the FS calendar forward one day and advance the time to "dawn."

This was a longer flight, 123 nm, so I plan more carefully, tracking the VOR at Nagoya over the mountains of the Kii peninsula at 7,500.

As I descend into Nagoya, visibility drops suddenly to 6 mi. I've studied the map, though, and am not worried about hitting anything above 1,000 ft. The airport, though, sneaks up on me: I try to lose altitude with a slip, but am still too high.

I report a go-around to the tower and try again, coming in a bit too low, then overcompensating. The landing itself is clean, but the approach leaves something to be desired. FS crashes after hand-over, so no log entry.