38. Tsushima to Nagasaki - 8 July 2004

  Passing over Iki Island
  Approaching Omura Bay

More clouds on the way back to Kyushu. En route I passed the island of Iki, with its little airport, rejoining the "mainland" at Karatsu. Clouds cleared up as I made my descent into Omura Bay, where Nagasaki airport protudes on a thin (artificial?) island.

The city itself I have not seen yet, since it lies to the southwest of the aiport, on the other side of the bay. One thinks of it now in connection with the second atomic bomb, but before that, and for a very long time, it was famous for a different reason, as the main port of entry for western goods and travellers to Japan.

Visibility dropped precipitously after I got landing clearance. I could hear but not see thunder. Rain, though. Thank heavens for runway lights and ILS. Final approach was exceptionally smooth, except that I forgot to cut throttle after passing the threshold. This just meant I lingered in the air for a few more seconds; touchdown itself was still very mild.