12. Tokushima to Kansai Int'l - 26 May 2004

  Passing Awaji Is. on left
  Downwind at Kansai Int'l
  Bridge connecting island airport to mainland

A very brief and mostly uneventful flight. The flight was very short, 36 nm, so again I decided to navigate by pilotage rather than navaids. This went well for the first part of the flight, as I passed Awaji Island on my left.

But as I entered Osaka Bay, a thick fog materialized and I decided it was time to find the ILS frequency for the Kansai runway. By the time I had everything figured out, the airport lights were in sight and it was time to get down to traffic pattern altitude.

On final, I passed on my left the bridge that connects the airport (which is built on an island in the bay) with the city of Osaka. At the end of the day, it was one of my better landings. A long taxi to the parking area as the light faded. Still enough light, though, for one more leg, I think.