4. Yonaguni to Hateruma - 21 May 2004

  Sightseeing in Iriomote

This was a much shorter trip, only 51 nm. Lots of water vapor in the air -- as is to be expected in this part of the world in summer.

Landing at Hateruma should have been uneventful, but I neglected to check the runway length before approach: only 2630 ft. I coasted a bit past the end of the runway, though this didn't seem to harm the aircraft any.

Looking at the map, I noticed that just north of Hateruma is the much larger island of Iriomote, where there is a national park. I took off again and took some low-level screenshots, then returned to Hateruma, making sure, this time, to keep my airspeed down, so as not to run out of runway.