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  Karl Galinsky, 'Augustan Culture'
Augustan Culture:
An Interpretive Introduction.
By Karl Galinsky. Princeton University Press, 1997. 486pp. 174 illus, 8 color plates. A unified overview of Augustan Rome that brings together political and social history, art, literature, architecture, and religion. A thoughtful account of the period's major ideas, profusely illustrated. This book is available at a discount from Amazon and, in Europe, from Amazon UK.
Caesar Augustus
Background & Images
12 July 2008

Julius Caesar
Primary sources, background and images, modern essays and historical fiction on Octavian's adoptive father.

John Paul Adams
Dates in the Life of Augustus
Useful timeline, somewhat erratically formatted. (After the bibliography on "The City of Rome in the Time of Augustus" and selections from the Res gestae, also on this page.)

John Paul Adams
The Personae of Augustus
The personal, religious, magisterial, and political responsibilities of the princeps.

John Paul Adams
Building Projects in Rome in Augustus' Time
Brief descriptions, chronologically organized, from 38 BC to AD 14.

John Paul Adams
Some Augustan Legislation
Brief explanations, in chronological order where dates are known.

John Paul Adams
Augustus' Illnesses
Table shows where, when, and according to whom Augustus was ill.

John Paul Adams
Conspiracies against Augustus
Table shows who conspired against Augustus, and when. Includes sources.

Clifton R. Fox
House of the Caesars
A genealogical guide to the Julio-Claudians. Lists known family members, includes descendants of Gaius Julius Caesar, to six generations; the ancestors of Augustus and Livia; and the descendants of Augustus and Livia.

Mark Morford
Augustus: Images of Power
Photos and site plans, with commentary, of the Augustan mausoleum complex, the Ara Pacis, the Prima Porta statue of Augustus, and the Gemma Augustea. Excellent.

Justin Paola
A Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors
Excellent photographs of portrait coins and sculpture.

Chris Renauld
Augustan Art
Portrait busts of Augustus and Agrippa; labeled details from the Ara Pacis Augustæ. Photos are sharp and well-lit.

Kathyrn Andrus-Walck
Augustus and the Early Roman Empire
Views of the Prima Porta statue of Augustus, the Ara Pacis Augustæ, and the Theater of Marcellus. With commentary and thumbnails.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Augustus Head from the Riley Collection
A sculpted head of the Prima Porta type, with photos, physical description, and family tree.

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